Sunday, September 17, 2006

Safe in China

Successful Flight!
I am writing this entry from a fancy-shmancy hotel room in Shanghai, China. It is 11:30 PM here, while back home, my wife just went to work (it is 10:30 AM in Minneapolis). I have to say I am a bit tired from the flight, but generally feel great. Lowell Lueking from Black & Decker/DeWalt … and now of course -- Delta and Porter-Cable, met us at the airport after graciously waiting a couple of hours for our plane to come in.
Lowell has been working in China for many years and had a lot to say about how things have changed in this region of the world as we enjoyed the 45 minute ride into the city from the airport.
Tomorrow my education begins in earnest as I will get to see China in the light of day and begin meetings with the Black & Decker folks on their woodworking business here in Asia.
The two images are of my last American meal for a while and me trying to make sense out of a Japanese phone book. The only listings I could recognize were for karoke bars.


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