Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Welcome eZine Readers!

And off we go! This web site is where (starting around the 15th of September) you'll find daily updates of my adventures (including misadventures) in Asia. Be sure to bookmark the page and check in as often as you can once the travels begin. We will be sending e-mail reminders to you as the date gets closer. See you on the web!
Rob Johnstone, editor, Woodworker's Journal

Monday, August 28, 2006

What's an Asian Travel Blog?

This September, I will leave hearth and home to visit several Asian manufacturing plants that specialize in making woodworking tools. In fact, many of your favorite brands of tools are likely made in these factories. The purpose of this journey - in addition to accumulating heaps of frequent flier miles - is to examine the reality of our international marketplace. To see what the folks who are making our favorite tools are like. To see if the opinions I have about this Asian tool manufacturing matches reality.
And here's the cool part ... you will be able to join me on the trip! (Virtually that is, get your own frequent flier miles!) I will offer daily posts, along with photos (and even video) of what I find as I move from town to town and factory to factory. People and places; planes, trains and automobiles - you will see it, warts and all. (Not actual warts, that's a figure of speech. This being the Internet, I wanted to be clear about that.) It is my hope that you will find this blog not only entertaining, but that you will find it educational as well.